ihouse's exterior wall claddings, thermowood and thermofacade

Exterior wall cladding

Give your iHouse the look you like, through the two options we offer:

1. Thermowood. Enjoy the warmth and luxury of wood, without worrying about its durability and the weather conditions. Because thermowood is a completely ecological treatment and it gives the wood unrivaled strength and exotic appearance.
2. Thermofacade. The most economic solution that provides the iHouse with a classic look of a modern house, with built-plastered walls.

Interior wall cladding

For the interior wood cladding, you have the following two options:
1. Oak: The beauty of European oak unfolds from wall to wall and gives you a feeling of unique luxury.
2. Gypsum board: The most economical option, but with which we are more familiar and it is not inferior at all in terms of appearance, refinement and coziness.

Alternatively, you can substitute part of the interior wall claddings with “iTem unique’s” designs.


The iHouse flooring is made of solid oak wood, 2cm thick and 15cm in width.
The specially rubbed surface, in combination with the German vegetable oils, made by Osmo company, give a unique “vintage” look and unparalleled durability.

Bathroom flooring and cladding

Teak wood acts as a luxury wood and it has excellent behavior in environments with high humidity. It usually decorates luxurious boats.
Because in the iHouse, wood is everywhere, we chose teak wood to grace the walls and flooring of the bathroom.
Specifically, the flooring has specific insulated Sikaflex joints, which render it impermeable to moisture.


The iHouse kitchen is small but functional, in its most minimal version it consists of a wooden bench with three cabinets and two shelves high up.
It includes a stainless steel or granite sink, a small fridge and a ceramic hob or gas hob with two cooking zones.
It is manufactured by choice: teak, oak or beech wood.
Depending on the type of the iHouse you choose, the kitchen can be significantly enhanced and include additional features.


According to our philosophy, the frames of the iHouse, could only be wooden. With German standards, CE marking and certification quality, they offer safety, high thermal insulation and soundproofing.
There is the ability for installation of energy glass, reflective glass, triplex glass for more security, or a combination of all the above.
They are made of Thermowood, teak, oak, meranti and pine wood.
The huge sliding doors, when opened, they remove the boundaries of internal and external spaces, giving a feeling of freedom and interaction with nature, while helping the natural ventilation of the space.
The glass translucent matte sliding door that separates the bathroom from the rest of space has a safety lock that locks from inside with a rotating knob.