For camp enthusiasts, who refuse to give up their comforts,
the iCamp is the ideal solution.

It is a light, assembled summer house, which is transported by truck and assembled on the spot. To complete its installation, eight working days are required, a team of 3 and a small crane.

The iCamp most special feuture is its tensile stretch film made of special, non-combustible, UV-resistant, high-strength, non-flammable membrane of German origin.
The tensile stretch is studied and designed with the use of a PC, it provides an aesthetically modern and pleasant result, as well as a highly functional coverage of the home.
It requires little or no maintenance, while its shape creates air streams that repel the heat from the living space.

Τhe iCamp offers 28m2 of clean living space and a comfortable 21m2 balcony to enjoy every moment of your summer vacation.
The wood and the high-strength French tent that dominate the structure of iCamp, coexist harmoniously and give the feeling of absolute identity with nature.

Staying at the iCamp allows you to enjoy and feel the experience and freedom of Camping, without depriving yourself of the comforts of a modern home.

Inside the iCamp there is a partition for the fully equipped bathroom, while the single room accommodates a double comfortable bed and a sofa-bed that opens and becomes a double bed, for restful and calm nights.

All indoor furniture is made of beech wood.

On the 21m2 balcony of iCamp, you can relax and enjoy unique moments in nature.

The iCamp awning extension will give you the necessary shade you may be looking for, and the comfortable outdoor furniture the relaxation you need.

The balcony floor is made of Merbau wood, while the outdoor furniture is made of Teak wood.