• Escape

    Designed for
    installation on any
    ground and can be
    moved anywhere.

  • icamp

    Natural getaway, with low
    environmental impact
    and carbon foot print.

  • Vacations

    Stunning, minimal,
    modern object of desire.

  • ihouse

    Sustainable and energy efficient,
    pre-fabricated, modular
    housing system

  • Quality of life

    Stunning, minimal,
    modern object of desire.

  • Relax

    Moments of relaxation
    and escape, in a
    dreamy environment.

  • Nature

    Stunning, minimal,
    modern object of desire.

  • Enjoyment

    Affordable luxury
    for your cottage
    and your

  • Luxury

    With the comforts of
    a five star hotel,
    while being literally
    in nature.

The iHouse

A small home for people with high demands!

Everything we have learned, since 1964, about the processing of wood and its structural applications has been used to the fullest to bring life to this marvel of engineering, constructed from wood and glass - weighing in at 8000kg. Everything is studied down to the tiniest detail.

The very well-appointed 34m2 of living space is uniquely designed to afford the feeling offered by much larger spaces.

Coming through the main door, you will discover, not only a fully furnished house but also all the equipment you would expect in your home, from kitchen utensils, bedsheets and towels, and even the toilet brush!

Each piece of the iHouse equipment is characterized by its exceptional build quality and elegant design.

The iHouse can be used either as a permanent home built on solid foundations or as a mobile home on wheels.

It is the innovative, beautiful, minimalist, and modern home of your dreams.

It's the iHouse.



Ecology and iHouse

Our factory build process relies on eco-friendly methods and technologies, leaving the smallest possible energy footprint.

The solid steel construction complemented by natural wood and glass, without any artificial wood or solvent adhesives, with the eco-friendly varnishes, LED lighting, and many other ecological innovations, testify to the green character of the iHouse.



The iCamp

Inspired by fairytales, the iCamp helps to bring your dreams into reality, in a magical setting.

It combines the freedom of Camping with the luxury of a five-star hotel. It is a light and at the same time strong construction with a wooden frame. The main feature that stands out in the iCamp, is the French-derived traction tent, which also gives it its unique shape.

It is extremely durable, non-combustible and resistant to UV rays, so you can enjoy it for many years to come with little to no maintenance. The design of the structure promotes the flow of air currents, providing the iCamp with natural cooling.

Inside you will find all the amenities that will make your stay luxurious and pleasant, in an organized studio with a separate and fully equipped bathroom.


Ecology and iCamp

The iCamp was created with its full integration into the natural environment in mind. Its distinctive design, without detracting from the landscape, contributes to the feeling of absolute harmony with nature.

Its minimal construction promises a luxurious summer living space, with the fewest materials and the lowest possible energy footprint.

interSCALA presents the iHouse