the huge wooden sliding balcony door of the ihouse

The iHouse represents an innovative construction, being a building system based on movable and modular luxury housing units.

Since 1964, the company Interscala has been working with wood, achieving top-notch results and producing products of unparalleled strength and quality. The latest creation is the best example of how the accumulated experience over the years can be fully utilized to create a unique result. An innovative creation made of wood and glass!

The iHouse is constructed with wood and glass, weighing a total of 8 tons. The frame of the iHouse is made of steel, with a total area of 39 square meters, and its comfortable layout ensures a comfortable living space. Beyond the beautiful balcony, there is a separate bathroom. Every piece of iHouse’s equipment is characterized by high quality and aesthetics, while its unique construction can be used either as a permanent residence with foundations or as a mobile home on wheels.

Advantages of the tiny house – iHouse

The major advantage of the iHouse is that it is an eco-friendly, transportable home with a low environmental footprint and carbon dioxide emissions. It is entirely self-sufficient, offering many modern conveniences sought by consumers. The sturdy wooden construction, LED lighting, pellet burner for heating, and other ecological innovations confirm the green character of the iHouse. If used as a mobile home without connection to urban networks, it can operate independently with a water collection system, photovoltaic panels, a generator, batteries, and a solar water heater.

Customization for each client

The designers and engineers of iHouse have the ability to tailor the residence to the measurements and requirements of the client, offering a vast variety of creative design and construction solutions. While the timelines and final costs in these cases are extended, the possibilities offered to the client are enormous. The additional cost for the custom design and construction of an iHouse typically ranges around 15% of the value of the standard construction.

Resilient even in challenging weather conditions

The engineers can ensure the durability of the construction through special design studies, adapting it to various regions with high winds, heavy snowfall, seismic activity, or other specific local requirements. The iHouse construction team can also handle site preparation, design of outdoor spaces, garage, and additional storage spaces.

The iHouse in 8 simple steps:

  1. Site Selection: Determine the location where your iHouse will be installed.
  2. Initial Study: The project begins with the initial study, requiring 30 hours of work for design, providing an initial cost estimate for the project in the specific location.
  3. Contract: Once the contract is signed, iHouse proceeds with the project implementation.
  4. Construction Study: iHouse designs your home to fit your needs and desires, considering the space where it will be placed.
  5. Contractor: Assign the foundational and infrastructure work to a contractor in the installation area.
  6. Factory Construction: Simultaneously with the site preparation, the iHouse unit is constructed in the factory, saving time and money.
  7. Delivery and Installation: After the construction work is complete, the iHouse is delivered and installed in its final location.
  8. Welcome! Installation is complete, and all the work in your space is finished.

Wall investments for every taste

Regarding wall investments, the construction company offers three basic options:

  1. Thermowood: Enjoy the warmth and luxury of wood without worrying about its durability over time and in different weather conditions. The environmentally friendly thermowood treatment provides unparalleled strength and exotic appearance to the wood.
  2. Thermal Facade: The most economical solution that gives the iHouse the classic appearance of a modern residence with constructed and plastered walls.

Beautiful and modern internal walls

The construction company pays close attention to the appearance of the internal walls of the iHouse. Regarding internal cladding, the potential client has three options:

  1. Oak: European oak cladding contributes to the warmth and tranquility sought in moments of relaxation.
  2. Plasterboard: The most economical choice for the internal cladding of iHouse walls, which can be painted in the color of the client’s choice.

Alternatively, you can replace part of the internal wall cladding with iTem unique cladding.


the exterior of the wooden tiny house ihouse
the wooden and luxurious double bedroom of the tiny house ihouse